Cause Story

SocialWorks x Ellison

The Inspiration


Chicago, like most cities, has a way of feeling small once you’ve been here long enough. You learn the streets from commuting and late-night wandering, you know when to avoid downtown for the music fests, you rally for the Sox and/or Cubs, and you start to defend and love your city unconditionally. 

SocialWorks collects donations to empower young people

This Chicago Spirit is instilled in almost everyone who touches the city, whether you’re born and bred or just passing through.

SocialWorks nonprofit to create an impact

The Cause


This love for the city is what inspired Aristotle Loumis, Founder of Ellison, to spend the summer months of July and August giving back to SocialWorks, a non-profit dedicated to youth empowerment in Chicago. Social Works was founded in 2016 by Chancellor Bennett or Chance the Rapper as he’s better known. The organization has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Chicago’s youth through initiatives like Open Mike, Warmest Winter, and Kids of the Kingdom. 

The Impact


In the two months of giving Ellison gave 5% back to Social Works on every purchase. The company and nonprofit grew close in their mission and were even able to get a few kids in sunnies to show off the perfect summer look.

We are so humbled and impressed by Ellison’s drive to create change. We have seen the positive impact they’ve made in our community and we can’t wait to see how they take their philanthropy further. 

Ellison made an impact by giving back to SocialWorks on every purchase