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This comprehensive guide will give your brand everything you need to get started on your social impact journey in 2022, or help you elevate your current strategy so you can use social impact as a tool to retain customers and turn them into lifelong, loyal advocates.
  9 months ago
We’re excited to announce the first annual ShoppingGives Social Impact Awards! This celebration recognizes our partners’ social impact efforts and the positive impact they drive each and every day for the causes that they care about most. For this year’s awards, we had eight categories and eight incredible winners! Take a look at who’s taking home the trophies.
  10 months ago
We had a great year at ShoppingGives and we’re grateful for everyone who played a role in our achievements in 2021. We saw amazing growth all around and created the most impact that our Giving Economy has ever seen! To discover what we were up to this past year, check out our year in review.
  10 months ago
On this episode of the Impact Exchange, we were joined by Michael Chaney, Director of Business to Business at Crate & Barrel to discuss how large businesses can navigate social impact. The world of retail is seeing a shift in consumer behavior that favors purpose-driven brands, and Michael shares that brands of all sizes, even legacy brands like Crate & Barrel can adapt to the growing need for social impact.