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As a leading marketing executive for a large brand, you have your hands full. You’re successfully completing your job duties. The purchases are coming in as are new customers. But, something is missing and preventing your brand from being extraordinary. That something is effective customer engagement strategies.
  4 months ago
Customer experience is an essential part of eCommerce business success. You need a customer experience strategy that will increase your revenue, grow your company, and develop loyal customers. By tapping into the data that your business has access to and integrating customer experience throughout your business plan, you can significantly boost customer experience.
  5 months ago
You need customers who want to buy from you because they believe in your brand. To do that, you need strong core values that are well communicated to your employees, partners, and customers. Here is what you need to know about establishing strong brand values.
  5 months ago
A lifetime value analysis can help you decide just how much your customers are worth to you. Don’t consider just the short term, but a lifetime of business together. A great customer lifetime value formula can help you to shape your marketing to increase customer lifetime value.
  5 months ago
You work hard for each online sale. Getting customers to your site is a challenge. Convincing them to put things in their cart is even harder. Actually collecting income on the purchase is the final challenge. If you struggle to collect income on carts filled on your platform, you’re in good company.
  5 months ago
The top eCommerce brands drive revenue by maximizing lifetime value with their products. In addition to building your customer base with single sales, you want to turn one-time customers into lifelong fans.
  5 months ago
We’ve partnered with #GivingTuesdayNow to make a difference when the global community can use it most. This Giving Economy has got power and we’re excited to spotlight it for the greater good.
  5 months ago
We had hopes, but never would’ve imagined the outpouring of support and activations working toward coronavirus relief! We’ve got a whole roster of brands working to make a difference during this time and we want to share in case this quarantine has you turning to retail therapy.
  6 months ago
Special Guest: Phoebe Yu, CEO of ettitude On this episode of the Impact Exchange, we’re happy to introduce Phoebe Yu, CEO of ettitude— a sustainable home essentials brand that is rooted in impact. She will share their story of impact across their organization, product development, supply chain, and how they are navigating the changing environment of … Continue reading "Sleeping on a Purpose"
  7 months ago