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A new generation of consumers has arrived, and they’re no longer content to shop with companies that don’t share their values. In fact, 70% of Generation Xers and 50% of Millennials are likely to stop buying from brands that support issues they don’t, while only 37% of Baby Boomers feel the same.They vote with their … Continue reading "How to Future Proof Your Brand for Generation Impact"
  2 days ago
The Shopify revolution has made it easier than ever to launch consumer businesses, which means there are an ever-increasing number of brands vying for your customers’ attention and loyalty. With the rise of the conscious consumption and the expectations for brands to stand for more than the items they sell, how will you demonstrate to … Continue reading "Combining Recommerce and Donations for the Ultimate Customer Experience"
  1 week ago
Contributed by Jon MacDonaldDrive Conversions By Sharing Your Brand ValuesSharing your brand values the right way can increase your conversion rate the same way a well-designed product page or website navigation can. Now more than ever, customers are ‘voting’ with their dollar. They show support for the causes and values they care about, by purchasing … Continue reading "Drive Conversions By Sharing Your Brand Values"
  2 weeks ago
There are numerous ways your DTC brand can make itself more sustainable. Besides manufacturing your products with eco-friendly materials, switching to sustainable packaging (such as biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled cardboard) is an example of how you can reduce the amount of waste your business produces. Regardless of what your products and packaging are made … Continue reading "Want to Be More Sustainable? Your Store Needs Reviews"
  4 weeks ago
It doesn’t matter if you have a brick-and-mortar presence, an online store, or both— brand values are an essential part of your business, no matter the touchpoint.Customers are becoming more conscious about what brands they support. As a result, clear brand values are becoming a focal point for conscious consumers: One study found that 46% … Continue reading "7 Ways To Effectively Communicate Your Brand Values To The Modern Consumer"
  4 weeks ago
The eCommerce checkout process is a pivotal moment, and a friction-filled checkout process can be a conversion killer that cuts directly into revenue. Data backs this up: A Forrester study showed that eCommerce brands lose a whopping $18 billion in annual sales due to poor checkout experiences while an average of 70% of online shopping … Continue reading "eCommerce Checkout Trends: How To Use Checkout Processes To Create Social Impact"
  3 months ago
Conscious consumerism has been on the rise and the Covid pandemic drove it further. Consumers are not only looking for socially conscious brands, but they're looking for authenticity in social impact efforts. See how these 3 brands elevated their evergreen impact strategies by stepping up during times of crisis.
  3 months ago
Cause marketing is becoming more important to consumers and brands, and with good reason. Use these three key strategies to amplify your social giving campaigns.
  3 months ago
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people work, shop, and socialize, but it also raised awareness of important social issues. From the Black Lives Matter protests, Stop Asian Hate movement, to the fight against anti-semitism, people have united against racism and social injustice against BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) communities. People and brands … Continue reading "Responding to Social Causes In Real-Time: How to Prepare Your Brand"
  4 months ago