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We had a great year at ShoppingGives and we’re grateful for everyone who played a role in our achievements in 2021. We saw amazing growth all around and created the most impact that our Giving Economy has ever seen! To discover what we were up to this past year, check out our year in review.
  1 week ago
On this episode of the Impact Exchange, we were joined by Michael Chaney, Director of Business to Business at Crate & Barrel to discuss how large businesses can navigate social impact. The world of retail is seeing a shift in consumer behavior that favors purpose-driven brands, and Michael shares that brands of all sizes, even legacy brands like Crate & Barrel can adapt to the growing need for social impact.
  1 month ago
The holidays bring increased competition for eCommerce and DTC brands, and socially conscious consumers are changing the way that brands are connecting with consumers. Discover the data-driven insights on how social impact can help brands stand out against the competition and uncover predictions for the upcoming holiday season.
  2 months ago
The younger generation of consumers are being more mindful of which brands they choose to support, and are even likely to stop buying from brands whose values don't align with their own. Discover how your brand can be prepared for this next generation of socially conscious consumers.
  3 months ago
With the rise of the conscious consumption and the expectations for brands to stand for more than the items they sell, how will your brand demonstrate to incoming site visitors that you’re worthy of their dollars? Creating a unique customer experience that combines recommerce with social giving can be the solution that helps you build a conscious brand while driving conversion and loyalty.
  3 months ago
Today's generation of consumers are looking beyond the price tag and are choosing to support brands based on their values. This means that sharing your brand values the right way can increase your conversion rate the same way a well-designed product page or website navigation can. Discover how to connect more authentically with socially conscious consumers through what your brand believes in.
  3 months ago
Sustainability is a growing topic of concern and socially conscious consumers are looking towards brands to take action to make a difference. Discover how reviews and UGC can help your brand optimize its sustainability efforts to stand out against the competition and create more engaging and meaningful interactions with consumers.
  4 months ago
Customers are becoming more conscious about which brands they choose to support, and as a result, clear brand values are becoming a focal point for socially conscious consumers. These consumers are spending more time researching a brand's values and how they live by those values. Explore 7 ways that your brand can communicate what you believe in to boost customer trust and loyalty.
  4 months ago
The eCommerce checkout process is a pivotal moment, and a friction-filled checkout process can be a conversion killer that cuts directly into revenue. So what makes for a great eCommerce checkout experience? Discover the current trends in eCommerce checkout experiences and how your brand can optimize your checkout experience to boost conversion and revenue.
  6 months ago