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With ShoppingGives' integration with Yotpo, you can increase customer loyalty by incentivizing your customers with rewards points when they make a purchase or allowing your customers to redeem loyalty points for a donation to the cause of their choice. Learn more about integration benefits and best use cases.
  1 day ago
Brand loyalty can increase your company's overall revenue, make better use of marketer investments, and insulate your company against changes in the economy. Learn more about how your brand can build brand loyalty.
  2 days ago
We’re excited to announce that we are teaming up with Gorgias to help you create an all-new customer journey experience! By combining your social impact strategy with a customer service tactic, you can easily inform and educate customers of your giving strategy while also providing effective customer support.
  1 week ago
We denounce racism in all its forms and want to share ways to take action against racial injustice. Everyone has the power to start a movement and each of us can make a massive impact. That’s the principle we built our business on and one we will always uphold.
  2 months ago
You know how important customer loyalty is to a business. Customer loyalty is what propels your brand’s customers to buy your products time and time again. And they’ll do so, regardless of price or availability.
  2 months ago
In this new age of consumerism, shoppers want to support brands who take a stance on social issues and use their power to make a difference. Check out the infographic to learn more about consumer behavior and cause marketing.
  2 months ago
Cause marketing has the unique potential to build loyalty for your brand. This can make customers more likely to keep shopping with you. They may even recommend you throughout the years. Such dedication is valuable in the constantly changing online marketplace.
  2 months ago
As a leading marketing executive for a large brand, you have your hands full. You’re successfully completing your job duties. The purchases are coming in as are new customers. But, something is missing and preventing your brand from being extraordinary. That something is effective customer engagement strategies.
  2 months ago
Customer experience is an essential part of eCommerce business success. You need a customer experience strategy that will increase your revenue, grow your company, and develop loyal customers. By tapping into the data that your business has access to and integrating customer experience throughout your business plan, you can significantly boost customer experience.
  2 months ago