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Dedicated Impact Partner Since November 2019

Donated to 12 Causes (Last Updated: May 5, 2020)

Who They Are

Golftini is a women’s golf apparel retailer who work to elevate your golf style to live a better life. Susan Hess began the business when she was unable to find an attractive golf skort. She quickly found that she wasn’t the only one who’d run into this problem. Since then the business has grown with comfort and fashion always top of mind.

What They Believe

Breast Cancer Awareness is what powers Golftini’s passion for giving. Susan lost her mother to the illness as a teenager and began Golftini at the age her mother was when she passed. In a heartfelt blog post, Susan shares her story and sheds light on the reasoning for their giving.

We met Susan and Golftini serendipitously during Breast Cancer Awareness month and her dedication to the cause shone through immediately. Golftini supports Breast Cancer Awareness year round by donating 1% of every purchase to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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