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Zachary Prell is a menswear retailer centered on creating versatile and comfortable pieces fit for the everyday man. With a focus on materials and their customers’ needs, Zachary Prell has created a space where anyone can feel welcomed to shop.

Zachary Prell menswear retailer
Zachary Prell uses ShoppingGives solutions to showcase featured causes


Though they are already an antithesis of a fast-fashion model, Zachary Prell wanted to include their customers in their corporate social responsibility.  Their focus remains on quality items and buying less, but better. The hope is to showcase this responsibility in a way that involved customers’ engagement.  Most importantly, they wanted to remain true to their mission to represent every man and ensure every customer feels represented.


Zachary Prell utilized Change Commerce to showcase TEACH, Junior Achievement USA, Human Rights Campaign, and Wounded Warrior Project as featured causes that their customers could relate to. Once integrated directly into the cart, their customers can also search and select a cause they feel is important. This gives customers the ability to give back on every purchase made, and feel represented by the donation Zachary Prell is giving back at no extra cost.

The team at Zachary Prell took to this program immediately and worked diligently to market and share their giving. The company began by creating an email marketing campaign and interviewing our CEO for its Visionaries Series on the blog. To ensure that their customers knew about their CSR strategy, they included the donation widget on the PDP, in the cart, and at checkout. In addition, Zachary Prell added giving messaging to the swipe cart that helps keep their customer informed while remaining true to their company mission.

Through this decision to donate, Zachary Prell has also grown a meaningful connection and partnership with TEACH, one of their chosen causes. TEACH works to provide exciting and hands-on educational programming to children in hospitals. TEACH has reciprocated Zachary Prell’s continuous support by promoting the company to its audience of supporters, making this partnership even more enriching for both parties.


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“In our first six months with ShoppingGives, our conversion rate has increased by 19% and our AOV has grown by 11%. Moreover, we’ve seen the friction to conversion get reduced because customers feel good about their purchases.”

Kevin Lee
Director of Ecommerce at Zachary Prell