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Highline Wellness is a rising, New York City-based cannabis wellness brand focused on safe, reliable, and affordable hemp-based cannabinoid products. Its core mission is to make a more pleasant world, one dose at a time.


Highline Wellness is on a mission to make the world a more pleasant place, and were actively looking for a way to give back to bolster this goal. Traditionally, it can be a difficult process to donate to multiple nonprofit organizations, and they wanted a solution that would not only streamline the donation process, but one that would also allow their customers to get involved with their CSR strategy.


Highline Wellness utilized Change Commerce to support causes such as the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Friends of the Earth, American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund, Food Bank for NYC, and Friends of the Australian Bush Heritage Fund. When customers shop on their site, they always have the option to search and select a cause that they care about, because what matters to their customers matters to Highline Wellness.

The team at Highline Wellness have done incredible activations with integrating impact into their marketing and shifting gears to support causes in times of abundant need. During the Australian bushfire crisis, Highline Wellness donated 5% on every single order that was placed to help provide aid to those being affected by the fires.

The Highline Wellness team has even tested impact messaging against product-focused messaging in their Facebook ads, and messaging around impact has consistently performed better. Through all of their cause marketing initiatives, Highline Wellness has helped raise thousands of dollars towards the causes that their team and their customers care about.



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“From a customer perspective, knowing during the shopping experience that your purchase can go towards a charity that means something to you is so powerful, and helps to gain more comfort and trust in the brand. We’ve seen really great success, and it [impact messaging] actually outperformed our other creative pieces."

Christopher Roth
Founder & CEO of Highline Wellness
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