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Dedicated Impact Partner Since October 2019

Donated to 13 Causes (Last Updated: May 5, 2020)

Who They Are

Miir is a drinkware company with creating impact at its core. It was founded at the intersection of entrepreneurial spirit and a life-changing accident that incited a drive for giving. Following a life or death ski accident, Bryan was inspired to change the way business is done, thereby creating Miir. You may recognize their camp cups, bottles, and tumblers in stores like Patagonia, Brooks, and Intelligentsia. Miir also has its own flagship in the heart of Seattle, a sunny little spot as we know from experience.

What They Believe

Giving is central to Miir’s mission. The company has been giving a portion of their revenue since its establishment. The earmarked portions of sales accumulate and become grants that Miir shares to begin projects spanning several causes to make a positive change. Product to Project™ has contributed to over 50 projects and has given over $1M, and those numbers grow daily.

Miir also works to bring their customers into their giving. Each vessel they sell has a Give Code™ on the bottom which leads to a trackable project when registered. The projects focus on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities. Beyond Product to Project™ Miir gives an additional 1% of online purchases where customers can select who they would like their purchase to benefit by choosing their own cause.

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