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Dedicated Impact Partner Since August 2019

Donated to 61 Causes (Last Updated: May 5, 2020)

Who They Are

KOIO was born from an idea of two sneakerheads to combine European craftsmanship and American ambition. With every pair hand-crafted in Italy with impeccable attention to detail, you can be confident in wearing KOIO to work, drinks, and everywhere in between.

KOIO is committed to quality and high level design
KOIO hand-crafted shoes in Italy

What They Believe

KOIO is committed to quality luxury products that don’t compromise on fit and feel. They found their Italian factory after a search of 34 and settled thanks to the commitment to design and craftsmanship.

They are also firm in their belief that luxury goods should create value for everyone who’s involved in the manufacturing process. They deliberately chose to work in Italy, a country with high labor standards and ensure their workers are compensated fairly and benefit from fair working hours and a community-oriented working environment.

Finally, Koio is dedicated to giving back. Their featured causes include Souls to Soles, Teach for America and Young Chicago Authors. They have created interactive moments with their social audience including #DailyDeed on Instagram, where every tagged post meant a dollar to Teach for America.

KOIO is dedicated to giving back to featured causes

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