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Dedicated Impact Partner Since April 2019

Donated to 211 Causes (Last Updated: Feb 14, 2022)

Who They Are

Kobelli is a jewelry company that started small, but has always been rooted in family, craftsmanship and conflict-free diamonds. They are dedicated to bettering their industry and ensuring not only the happiness of their customers, but the well-being of individuals within their supply chain.

What They Believe

Kobelli strongly believes in giving back to the community as part of their social responsibility to society. In addition to ensuring that their natural diamonds are conflict-free and pass the Kimberley Process, they also create a smaller carbon footprint with the use of their sustainable lab-grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones as alternatives. At Kobelli, they strive to make a difference in an industry that has been clouded with negativity and discord.

Through their partnership with ShoppingGives, Kobelli extends their responsibility even deeper by donating 1% of every purchase from their eCommerce site to support causes like Hunger Free America, The Ocean Foundation, The Nora Project, African Wildlife Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society. Kobelli also empowers their customers to search and select a cause of their choice to support on their order, making their purchase that much more impactful.

“Our customers are showing us that they’re willing to spend more when they can support causes they care about through us. In our time with Change Commerce, we’ve seen a 28.9% lift in our AOV on the orders that have a donation.”

Eyal Brikman
COO of Kobelli

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