Retailer Story


Dedicated Impact Partner Since June 2020

Donated to 6 Causes (Last Updated: Aug 7, 2020)

Who They Are

ItsMrkt is a retail platform that sells a wide variety of clothes and apparel from well-known brands at the most affordable prices. They post video content of every outfit to create a brand new shopping experience for customers. This innovative shopping experience helps to entertain and better inform customers about the clothes that they buy before placing an order.

What They Believe

ItsMrkt works to drive positive change for causes such as LBGTQ+ rights, environmental causes, equality and minority rights, fighting hunger, and animal welfare. Through fashion and apparel, ItsMrkt wants to support the causes that they know are important to their customers. When making a purchase with ItsMrkt, positive change is created one purchase at a time.

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