Retailer Story


Dedicated Impact Partner Since December 2020

Donated to 4 Causes (Last Updated: Mar 31, 2021)

Who They Are

HOLI creates holistic dog food, treats, and protein packs that are not only good for your dog, but are delicious for them too. HOLI was founded from the simple notion of a human trying to give his dog a nutritious and delicious meal. The founder of HOLI wondered why our furry friends couldn’t enjoy the same level of variety in their food as they would enjoy out in nature. So they got to work to create a solution that offers dogs the nutrition that they need with the flavors they love, all while getting a variety of protein to make meals fun and beneficial. And so HOLI was born!

What They Believe

HOLI believes that our dogs deserve meals that not only taste good, but are actually nutritious and good for them as well. Because why should our beloved pets not have meals that are nutrition tailored to their needs with quality ingredients? They want what’s best for our pets and work to eliminate the dreaded pet food guessing game that so many pet owners have come to experience.

Just as HOLI wants the best for our pets, they know that doing good for our furry friends goes beyond nutritious meals. Because of this, HOLI donates on every purchase to a variety of dog-centered nonprofit organizations, or to the cause of their customer’s choice.