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Front Of The Pack

Dedicated Impact Partner Since December 2020

Donated to 316 Causes (Last Updated: Feb 11, 2022)

Who They Are

Front Of The Pack is a team of vets, biochemists, and dog lovers that are leading the revolution on pet health. At Front Of The Pack, they believe that the love that you share with your dog is one of the most positive forces on the planet. However, there’s a big problem— canine health is in decline, and it’s only getting worse. Luckily, canine health complications are preventable with the right support, and that’s where Front Of The Pack comes in.

What They Believe

Front Of The Pack realized there was an issue with the pet care industry. They saw that it was outdated and focused more on reacting to problems as opposed to preventing them before they arise. And with shady “wellness” trends and misinformation online, it’s no wonder that pet parents are struggling to maintain their dog’s health.

At Front Of The Pack, they made it their mission to put the power back in the hands of pet parents. Doing away with pseudoscience and embracing next-level standards, Front Of The Pack has combined patented technology and clinically-proven ingredients to develop a first-of-its-kind pure dog powder supplement that your furry friends love and deserve. And even better, each purchase at Front Of The Pack supports the Best Friends Animal Society.