Retailer Story

Fresh Clean Tees

Dedicated Impact Partner Since March 2020

Donated to 31 Causes (Last Updated: Aug 7, 2020)

Who They Are

Fresh Clean Tees is a leading provider of men’s T-shirts and basics. It empowers guys to look and feel their best so they can explore, conquer, and live life to the fullest!

What They Believe

Fresh Clean Tees is creative and they have fun with their work, hold themselves accountable, and are open-minded and accepting. They believe in giving back to their community and rely on trust, honesty, and positive energy.

In addition to donating a percentage of sales, Fresh Clean Tees is regularly finding ways to donate shirts they are unable to sell. Whether it’s to the boys and girls club, or to those who’ve lost their homes, they hope that Fresh Clean Tees can provide some semblance of comfort to people in need.

“As a small company we feel as if we owe everything to our customers, and for us — the least we can do is to do our best to give back to our community. Whether it’s our local beach here in San Diego, or a cause important to our customers around the world — having the luxury to share our success is the greatest gift we have as a brand.”

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