Retailer Story

Darby Scott

Dedicated Impact Partner Since April 2020

Donated to Gates Philanthropy Partners, Cancer Research Institute, Save the Children, UNICEF, Meals on Wheels, and Doctors Without Borders (Last Updated: Aug 7, 2020)

Who They Are

Darby Scott is a luxury brand offering various collections of clothes, jewelry and handbags with a major focus and emphasis on creating quality products that will last.

What They Believe

Darby Scott believes that need never ends, which means the giving can never stop. They are dedicated to giving back to organizations locally around the world through the Darby Scott Delivers Campaign— their ongoing and sustained commitment to the community and the world.

In addition to donating 5% of all orders, Darby Scott believes in creating as much impact as possible, and includes customers in the donation process. In addition to supporting the causes that their customers care about, customers of Darby Scott can choose to add on a donation of their own to increase the impact being made from their purchase.

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