Retailer Story

Almond Cow

Dedicated Impact Partner Since April 2021

Donated to 3 Causes (Last Updated: May 7, 2021)

Who They Are

Almond Cow is the future of plant-based milk by empowering individuals to make their own better milk for a better planet, right at home. The Almond Cow automatically separates the milk from the pulp so that you don’t have to— making the process of milk-making as easy as possible!

What They Believe

Almond Cow wants to make it as easy as possible for individuals to make their own plant-based milk to reduce the amount of waste that is created from milk cartons, and their mission is to enable individuals to never buy another carton of shelf milk again. The average household uses 144 plastic cartons every year, which accounts for an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Every Almond Cow prevents 500 plastic cartons from entering into landfills and the ocean, and in total has prevented over 1.5M single use cartons from ever being made! To make their sustainability efforts even more impactful, Almond Cow enables their customers to support causes like Pollinator Partnership, Plastic Ocean Project, and Mangrove Action Project.