Build Customer Loyalty & Trust Through Charitable Giving

Now’s the time to grow your business through giving back.

They Shop, You Donate, We Do the Rest.

Show your customers that what matters to them, matters to you. Your customers shop as usual, with the added delight of being able to select a cause to benefit from their purchase – aligning their values, with your brand.

   Your Site, Your Style

We integrate natively into your current customer journey and can be fully customized to match your brand’s style.

   End-to-End Donations Management

Receive a fully managed donation process between brands and nonprofits

   Impact Driven Personalization

Get 1:1 personalization data on who your individual customer supports to build authentic messaging experiences.

   Integrate Current CSR Partnerships

Integrate your current CSR partnerships to increase impact and exposure.

   Data & Business Insights

Maximize exclusive data to better allocate budgets, target, and segment customers based on who they support.

Measure Donations Your Bottom Line

Measure positive impact through Return on Donation Spend (RODS).

For general inquiry including partnership opportunities, please contact at If you’re looking for help and support, please visit our FAQs and Knowledge Base.