Welcome to the Giving Economy

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards making everyday purchases create positive impact by installing Change Commerce app for Shopify.

We’ve created a handy toolkit with resources to help you launch and get the most out of your Change Commerce App.

Onboarding Checklist

This onboarding checklist is meant to help keep tasks organized to activate on marketing your impact program.

Download the onboarding checklist here.

Dedicated Social Impact Page

If you don’t already have a dedicated page to highlight your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, now’s the time! This page is essential when announcing via email or social channels where it can be challenging to tell your full story in short bursts.

You are committed to giving back, be proud and connect with customers about your journey to giving back. Don't forget to let your customers know that they can choose where the donation goes or highlight the organizations you support.

  • Drive awareness of the brand’s CSR mission
  • Educate customers how the brand works toward this mission
  • Encourage participation through sharing customer involvement
  • Demonstrate value by showing results or expected results

Download the Dedicated Social Impact Page Guide here to share with your team and make it your own!

Press Release Template

Now you can announce to the world that you are launching a program committed to giving back! This template will help guide you through creating a press release.

Download the Press Release Template here.

Email Announcement

You’ve got your dedicated social impact page set up and your cart all ready to create engaging moments with your customers– now it’s time to let your email list know what matters to them, matters to you.

Download the Email Announcement Guide here.

Social Media Template

Build buzz and engage your community during pre-launch and launch! Plus, keep your customers updated on how much of an impact you are making. Once data accrues you can create personalized ads around the causes your customers care most about.

Download the Social Media Guide here.

ShoppingGives Design Assets

Looking for inspiration? Here are some mockups and assets to help you in creating your marketing. These can be customized and adjusted just like your giving!

Download ShoppingGives Design Assets here.